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Now also college football's premier tractor fight conference. Texas A&M is in the SEC fold. The SEC has put together some very glossy reading material on the subject. Chuck Neinas is already posturing, and over here we're sort of trying to get on with our lives and would rather talk about football instead, so more on this tomorrow when things are Tuesday-boring.

Meanwhile, in actual football news: LSU tops the AP poll for the first time in 2007. We are pleased. Rounding out the top five: Oklahoma, Alabama, Oklahoma State and Boise State.

Fare thee well, Fightin' Mike. Mike Locksley had a bit of an entertaining weekend and is out at New Mexico, just in time to save Maryland. The Facebook announcement proclaiming his ouster has a very entertaining comments section. The Mike Leach rumors are already in full swing.

Marred in Morgantown. West Virginia's Saturday night loss wasn't the bad news. News filtered out yesterday of the discovery of theft in the Mountaineers' locker room during the game and a shooting in a local club that killed one person and injured three more.

More bad for Minnesota. Jerry Kill is back in the hospital, with no timetable to return.

Giveth, taketh. Washington's John Timu gets a clean bill of health after being removed from Saturday's game in an ambulance. Penn State had multiple injury scares during the Temple game, with mixed results. Oklahoma's Ben Habern could miss up to two months with an injury to his snapping arm. Pitt guard Chris Jacobson's knee injury will cost him his season, and Maryland's Matt Robinson's shoulder surgery will cost him his.

Roster dance! FSU corner Greg Reid was arrested this morning for "lying to a police officer and for issuing a false, written statement under oath," and yes, there's a scooter involved. And Ronnie Tyler and Quintin McCree return to the good graces of Randy Edsall.

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