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Hot Mics, Cold Hearts: Week 5 in quotes


Potent quotables from three bright fall days of college football. 

• "To avoid a repeat of last week, someone remind Mike Sherman he's also allowed to call running plays in the second half." -- Andy Staples

• "Every play for Arkansas is either Tyler Wilson getting planted or a Razorback receiver running free through the A&M secondary. Or both." -- Matt Hinton

• "Arkansas's offense is designed to get Tyler Wilson killed right after he releases the ball to an open receiver." -- @JohnEzekowitz

• "Kentucky's offense is actually less exciting than seeing the tv timeout guy stand on the field with his arm up." -- @celebrityhottub

• "In New Mexico's all-silver uniforms, the linemen look like baked potatoes." -- Andrew Bagnato

• "It's worth it to watch the ISU-Texas game just to hear Gus Johnson say Steele Jantz." -- Bryan Fischer

• "Butterflies just escorted that Russell Wilson pass into Nick Toon's hands." -- Dan Rubenstein

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• "I apologize to the fans of Nebraska because that was a joke." -- Bo Pelini, via Brian Christopherson

• "Melvin Ingram is South Carolina's only competent ball-handler." -- Jason Kirk

• "Marcus Lattimore is the most violent form of mass transit in the world." -- Spencer Hall

• "To the announcers' credit, I'm not completely certain whether Arizona State has a 6-foot-8 quarterback." -- George Schroeder

• "For a guy built like a rhino, Trent Richardson has the feet of a gazelle. Unfair combination." -- Pat Forde

• " In all honesty, I would trade Air Force and Navy for Syracuse in football every day of the week." -- Oliver Luck, via Brandon Priddy

• "I'd say watching Ohio State offense is like watching paint dry ... but I don't want to shortchange paint." -- Brian Coakley

• "Matt Barkley has five incompletions and four touchdown passes, close to 'The Robert Griffin III EGOT.'" -- Michael Schwartz

• "We'll probably wish each other luck, but neither of us will mean it." -- Will Muschamp to Tracy Wolfson, on Nick Saban

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