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Designated Read: More realignment "news"


Grudgingly delivered realignment "news:" Mizzou really would've preferred the Big Ten, all things considered, but will entertain the gallant advances of the SEC. Only, the SEC presidents aren't too sure themselves about bringing more Tigers into the fold. Super. Jack Swarbrick dispenses sounds. Ralph Russo examines SEC recruiting in Texas.  And everyone stop mentioning Tulane as a possible expansion property this minute.

Don't be sorry! We like you mean!Ralph Friedgen: "I want to apologize to those who have supported me for my comments. I did not actually burn my diploma. I was just making a joke." One stretching but entertaining interpretation: "I want to apologize to those who supported me because I said I burned my Maryland diploma." Georgia Tech fans: "We gotcha, big guy."

Free the Amsterdam Three! Two of Boise State's three suspended Dutch players have been reinstated following an NCAA investigation into improper benefits and recruiting violations, but holding out defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-a-Tjoe is depriving us all of being able to reinstate Ricky Tjong-a-Tjoe to the All-Name team, and that ain't right.

Roster dance! Sidelined for the season following shoulder surgery and without much hope of regaining starting snaps from the Case McCoy-David Ash tandem, Garrett Gilbert has asked for and received an unconditional release from his scholarship at Texas, and has already visited SMU. Navy's offensive captain Alexander Teich is a likely disciplinary scratch for Saturday's game against Southern Miss. Florida might play three quarterbacks at LSU. And after running some numbers, it appears Colorado should be fine playing without four defensive backs and a linebacker whilst facing Andrew Luck this weekend, as long as they work out some sort of regulatory loophole that allows the defending team to send out a punt unit of its own and readjust Stanford's field position every three downs or so. It's only fair.

Remembering No. 36: Mississippi State's alumni association has planned a special event Friday in support of the foundation Nick Bell's mother established in her son's memory, following the sophomore defensive end's death from cancer last year.

Giveth, taketh: Miami has lost a second defensive starter this week, with tackle Marcus Forston getting knocked out for the season thanks to a knee injury suffered in practice.

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Quote of the day, II: "The Gophers’ 58-point loss to Michigan was the third-largest margin of defeat in school history ... Minnesota has had 35seasonsin school history in which they gave up fewer than 58 points combined all year."

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