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Hot Mics, Cold Hearts: Week 7 in quotes


Potent quotables from one bright October weekend of college football.

"San Jose State! ... Six second half turnovers can't hold em down." -- Stewart Mandel

"Well, Hawaii's defense just perfected the 'Block your own teammate out of the tackle' technique first popularized by the Rich Kotite Jets." -- Doug Farrar

"Yeah, this is all setting up for Hawaii to win with a 58-yard field goal." -- Bill Connelly

"At this point, Houston Nutt should just let Siri coach." -- @RaginCajunRebel

"That Richardson run looked like a replay with an accidental pause-rewind-fast forward sequence." -- Warren St. John

"Hate to see Lattimore go down, but I know another player who lost his sophomore season and returned better than ever. He'll be OK." -- David Ubben, referencing a certain Baylor quarterbacking phenom

"Lattimore injury = 'LUCKY GEORGIA' tweets by people who apparently don't know much about scooter curses." -- Jason Kirk

"Lot of talk about Michigan State being unduly physical, even dirty. Whatever. I say embrace it as your identity." -- Dan Wetzel

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"A reminder: Ohio State has four QBs, none of them can throw at all [and] their position coach's previous job was Bob Stoops' video coordinator." -- Ramzy Nasrallah

"I didn’t have anything to do for a good while,” he said. “I had an opportunity to think about 10 different things and forgot about nine of them before they got the ball back." -- John Chavis

"Texas A&M's novel strategy for protecting a lead this week: 'continuing to score.'" -- Spencer Hall

"For [a] guy making $5M a year, amazing Mack Brown can't answer questions like 'why is this guy your qb?'" -- @BlatantHomerism

"I had two personal fouls and I guess I went a little too far. But you can't play this game without emotion and love and passion." -- Michigan State DE Willie Gholston, who performed target="_blank">quite the passionate facemask adjustment on Denard Robinson Saturday afternoon

"Edwin Baker carries ball like Merita. Michigan defense makes a sandwich." -- Andy Staples

"A couple of guys told me about it. I think it's stupid. Simply put." -- Andrew Luck on the NFL tanking campaign that bears his name

"Keith Price the 'Bank of America Player of the Game.' He'll be billed $5." -- Todd Dybas

"Oh Zooker. You won't be held in check by conventional thinking. Because you know karate." -- Scott Van Pelt

"It's entirely possible Ron Zook intends to bring his time-outs to Purdue next week in a tupperware with 'TOs: 10/15/2011' sharpied on it." -- Tom McGrath

 "Welp, Ohio State just won a game in which it was 1-4 passing. If only Jim Tressel could have been there to see his mission come to fruition." -- Matt Hinton