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Designated Read: It's Sun Belt Tuesday, y'all!


All hail the return of Tuesday night ball: Florida International, featuring T.Y. Hilton, most favored hipster flavor of SI staffers, will meet Arkansas State this evening in the first Tuesday game of the 2011 season. Kickoff is scheduled for 8 p.m. ET, and the game will air on ESPN 2. More on this in just a little bit, but I wanted to put this right up front so you could all plan your evenings around it.

Fresh coaches, bought and sold: Charlie Strong confirms Mike Sanford is for-real-this-time out at Louisville. The SEC investigates one of the blandest postgame dust-ups in recorded human history. And really, why wasn't Bob Toledo coaching in the MAC to begin with?

Expansion tidbits, grudgingly dispensed: Missouri edges closer to the SEC at speeds that might charitably be called "glacial." Big East exit fees are raised. And Houston receives a Big East invitation of its very own. (More on this last bit in tomorrow's non-AQ report.)

Quote of the day, I: "I've been a proponent of not shaking hands after a game for a long time. Some guys don't like each other." -- Mack Brown

Quote of the day, II: "Mizzou is just trying to overshadow news that they're making an electric DeLorean in 2013." -- Bryan Fischer

Quote of the day, III: "Overlooked gem of realignment: the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Dominant program in ONEFA, 70,000 seat stadium, and enrollment of over 300,000. Not alumni, ENROLLMENT." --@bylawblog

Injury report-related name of the day: Colorado loses junior linebacker Douglas Rippy for the season thanks to torn knee ligaments, and we all lose the thrill of seeing a player with"RIPPY" on the back of his jersey.

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Roster blotter:  Ole Miss loses Melvin Harris, last season's No. 2 receiver. Also booted: UNC starting linebacker Ebele Okakpu. Brandon Willis' transfer eligibility waiver request has been denied by the NCAA, presumably because it's as confused as the rest of us as to what school Willis is actually playing for now.

Tuesday whimsy:

on scoreboarding theatrics

"fat and sassy,"

is now apparently worthy

met his match

Todd Monken

it works