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Designated Read: Better luck next Tuesday


Arkansas State 34, Florida International 16: So much for that wished-for shootout, and so much for an entirely healthy T.Y. Hilton. FIU's star receiver went down with a knee injury midway through the second quarter, and though he was able to return, his production on the night was limited to six catches for 97 yards. State quarterback Ryan Aplin was the show pony in Hilton's stead, passing for 147 yards and rushing for 164 more.

There's strong, and then there's Imperial Army strong, and then there's Charlie Strong: Louisville's skipper just signed a shiny new seven-year contract, and if you squint really hard and skip several pertinent lines of text, you can make it look like it's based solely on that Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl win.

Expansion tidbits, grudgingly dispensed: The Big East wants to go to 12 teams, has upped its exit fee as previously reported and won't identify its target schools even though Houston is totally one of them, according to Houston. And just for kicks, here's a fan proposal for SEC realignment.

Giveth, taketh:John Brantley is walking under his own power. Mustafa Greene will redshirt at NC State. Maryland has lost its fourth and fifth players to season-ending injuries, wide receiver Tyrek Cheeseboro and linebacker Avery Graham (hideous loud autoplay video alert at that link). Iowa State's Shontrelle Johnson may be done for 2011 with a neck injury. And in important All-Name news, Nick Toon vows to be on the field for Wisconsin this weekend.

Roster blotter: Almost as soon as it was actually acknowledged, Auburn's quarterback race ended, with sophomore Clint Moseley tabbed as the starter for this Saturday's trip to LSU.

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