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Designated Read: Lotta unfamiliar orange in that top five


Clemson comin'. An ACC team has cracked the BCS top five, and it's one few predicted to attain such lofty heights in the preseason: The Tigers round out the nation's top-ranked teams, trailing LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State, and Boise State. The 'Pokes are, of course, the other rankings surprise; read more on their rankings math.

CSI: Carrier Dome. Chris Brown of Smart Football attempts to assess, in an observational capacity, just exactly what the hell went so very, very wrong for West Virginia Friday night.

November already? CBS has moved the Week 10 Alabama-LSU tilt to primetime, a game my sources tell me could be of some importance.

Thoughts for Zips.No further details have been released in the reported suicide of a former Akron student at InfoCision Stadium, discovered Saturday morning hours before the kickoff of the Zips-Bobcats game. Our best wishes to the university community during this difficult time.

Everybody makes mistakes. So, about blue-chip quarterback Gunner Kiel's verbal commitment to Indiana ...

Expansion tidbits, grudgingly dispensed. Missouri's chancellor is authorized to do whatever, which might mean the end of an ancient rivalry. There's this weird Big East-Conference USA-Mountain West superconference rumor floating around, which Pete Thamel says is bunk.

Quote of the day, I. "Hey guys, did you know that this week Florida and Georgia play in the only college football game where fans get drunk? Odd but true!" -- @Bobby_BigWheel

Quote of the day, II.  "Man, Nov. 5 is just gonna be crazy. People are right to call it a de facto championship and, in the end, I think Bill Snyder tops OK State." -- @celebrityhottub

Quote of the day, III. "All you need to know about college football computer rankings: Sagarin has Texas at 15 and Stanford at 21." -- Chris Foster

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Giveth, taketh. In ascending order of bad news on the injury report: Oklahoma cornerback Jamell Fleming will miss one to two weeks following "minor knee surgery." Maryland linebacker Kenny Tate will have his season curtailed by an undisclosed injury with a recovery time of six to nine months. And Louisville cornerback Anthony Conner is not suffering paralysis following the neck fracture he sustained Friday night against Rutgers, but isn't likely to play again.

Roster blotter. Ten players involved in last week's UCLA-Arizona donnybrook will face suspensions of varying severity. LSU's three most recently-suspended players will reportedly be back in action for the all-important Tigers-Tide game. Alabama freshman RB Brent Calloway was arrested on drug charges Friday morning. Dillon Baxter missing USC's trip to South Bend reportedly had to do with his girlfriend giving birth. Tennessee  is on to its third starting quarterback after torching Justin Worley's redshirt against Alabama. And Matt McGloin and Rob Bolden continue their strange starting-slot tango for Penn State.

Monday whimsy:

Houston Nutt chastise a reporter



the star of the UCLA-Arizona game

Mark Richt crooning

don't go down easy

Georgia's stranglehold on the Cocktail Party

would like you to feel sorry for him