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Hot Mics, Cold Hearts: Week 8 in quotes


Potent potables from three bright October days of college football.

"OK, who wants to try to appropriately order Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Houston, Illinois, Penn State and Texas Tech?" -- Patrick Stevens

"The only thing I enjoy more than getting things right is getting them horribly wrong. Last night I got EVERYTHING wrong about the Big East." -- Bill Connelly, who was very much not alone Friday in his wrongness

"Fair weather fans are acknowledged... Appreciate you guys too. Not surprised by some of the stuff sent to me and my teammates." -- Kenny Stills

"That eye at the 50 is going to blink sometime this quarter. It's that kind of year for LSU." -- Spencer Hall

"Nick Provo lesson: Never bet against a TE who has a college town last name or is clearly a fake EA NCAA recruit." -- Dan Rubenstein

"[Oklahoma State's] hopeless, awful, championship-ruining, unspeakably terrible defense forces Mizzou to go three-and-out in its opening possession." -- David Ubben

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"Anyone watching Nebraska-Minnesota without a rooting interest should be put on a government watch list." -- @celebrityhottub

"Ah yes, the whole "Robert Woods is better than everyone else on the field" play." -- @PacificTakes

"Brian Kelly's jaw unhinges like a snake when he really needs to scream at someone." -- Tim Burke

"LSU tests for synthetic grass because Les Miles doesn't want to accidentally eat Astroturf." -- @Bobby_BigWheel

"Love Notre Dame's new disco helmets. One part leprechaun, two parts Chaka Khan." -- Steve Rushin

"I see Notre Dame with their Breaking Dawn helmets haven't bitten the vampire fetus out yet. Might wanna get on that." -- Luke Zimmermann

"I wish I could describe what the Stanford band is doing. It involves a Darth Vader with his mask off and Jabba the Hut at the 45 yard line." -- Stewart Mandel

"As terrified as opponents are of Wisconsin's run game, it's amazing Russell Wilson ever throws an incomplete pass." -- Andy Staples

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