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WLOCP prep: The finest amateur rap videos

Few marquee contests fell off the national radar in 2011 faster than Saturday's game between No. 22 Georgia (5-2) and unranked Florida (4-3). It's a clash that will further narrow the race to determine which vastly overmatched SEC East team will face LSU or Alabama in a foregone conclusion of an SEC Championship game this December, and that's about it, so we have to take our fun with this one where we can find it: Namely, in predicting the winner of the Cocktail Party game by assessing the relative values and merits of fan-produced amateur rap videos touting each team.

New for 2011 (and available on iTunes!): "The Dawg Walk"

And remixed for what probably looked in September like a sure-thing run to the SEC "Chompionship" (ugh, you guys): "Gator Bait"

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Quoth alert reader and Dawg partisan John McGinty, whose request for a rap battle inspired this post: "There is no hope for victory. Just continual bitter disappointment at the bottom of a dark, dank hole. And it's cold there too. Or hot. Whichever one you personally feel sucks more."