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Designated Read: Don't drink the Coaches' Poll water


SIDs Licking Toads: Could It Happen To You? Stanford moves up to No. 4 in the BCS standings, and other stories. Plus, whatever sorcery possesses the Coaches' Poll continues apace again this week, with Texas A&M finally dropping out of the top 25 but Virginia Tech clocking in above Clemson despite a resounding loss to the Tigers on the record and a four-point win over Duke being recently added to the Hokies' body of work.

Realignment tidbits, grudgingly dispensed. Please enjoy this handy Big 12 press release detailing plans to have West Virginia join the Big 12 next year, while over at The New York Times, the Big East is all "yeah, not so much." Oh, and Louisville could be back in the mix again! Or not! Isn't this loads of fun?

So begins the great wait. Sit on your hands for the next two to three months as the NCAA mulls the fate of UNC.

Good thoughts on a bad day. Sending our best wishes to the family of Oklahoma broadcasting legend Bob Barry, who passed away Sunday, and to the OU football community.

Quote of the day. "I just want one Florida player to step to the mic today & say, 'We're grinding hard for that Chick-fil-A Bowl spot. Waffle fries, baby.'" -- Jason Lieser

Giveth, taketh. Derek Dooley just announced in his Monday presser that Tyler Bray is still week-to-week, and starting safety Brent Brewer is out for the season with a torn ACL.

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Roster blotter. George Schroeder wishes y'all would stop acting like Darron Thomas isn't Oregon's best option at quarterback. Charmingly-named Indiana receiver Damarlo Belcher served a late-breaking suspension in Week 9 for the ever-popular-and-mysterious Violation Of Team Rules.

Monday whimsy:

the dreaded vote of confidence

new NFL expansion

Brian Kelly apology

would like to see some guy

will not be forthcoming

Gators are stalled