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The mouth of Manhattan Beach:Lane Kiffin drew a reprimand and a $10,000 fine for expressing his "disappointment" in the Pac-12 officiating crew following Saturday night's loss to Stanford, maybe the mildest language he's ever used against a given conference or authority figure. Quoth Larry Scott on the strictures in place that forbid this sort of behavior: "This prohibition specifically includes comments that create doubts about the credibility of the conference's officiating program," which is curious, since it seems like the force generating the most scorn for Pac-12 officiating is, by a gulfy margin, the Pac-12 officials themselves. Hell, the worst call of the game, or rather non-call, worked in the Trojans' favor, when referees in full view of the infraction missed a brazen hold on a Stanford player. Never say the stripes aren't spreading the misery as thickly and broadly as they are able.

Sure do like pumpkin, Cotton: Unsurprisingly, USA Today's piece on ESPN's role in college football realignment is waaaaay more fun than either of the ones spun out by ESPN's own ostensible ombudsman and PR wing.

That got het up in a hurry: Goes like this, see: West Virginia wants to leave the Big East in 2012! The Big East, not so much! Presto, lawsuit! You can read the document itself here, courtesy of

Get your coaches! Pretty early in any regime to be seeing articles like this, no?

Quote of the day, I: "We still have some clock-punchers and intramural guys and we’ve got to get it fixed." -- Al Golden

Quote of the day, II: "An SMU friend said everyone is really excited to join the Big East, which might be the biggest damnation of the BCS that I've ever heard." -- @BobbyBigWheel

Quote of the day, III: "The contact that takes place when our defense is on the field is very sincere." -- Les Miles, via Cecil Hurt

Giveth, taketh: A scholarship for walk-on Oklahoma running back Dominique Whaley was apparently in the works even before he suffered a season-ending ankle injury. Big Zach Ertz will miss at least two weeks of playing time for Stanford

Roster blotter: In addition to the Kiffin fine, USC's TJ McDonald will be suspended a half game for a hit on Chris Owusu, which wasn't even the worst hit of the weekendTexas still won't name a starting quarterback. Indiana receiver Damarlo Belcher's suspension is now an outright dismissal.

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