Designated Read: Owls thrice bitten

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Ohio 35, Temple 31: In the Wednesday night MAC All-Name battle, Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton defeated Temple defensive coordinator Chuck Heater, and the Bobcats made it three in a row in their highly successful campaign to derail the Owl's Novembers.  Ohio attained bowl eligibility and the division lead in one fell swoop, and all seemingly because it was lucky enough to have the ball last. Chris Coyer replaced Chester Stewart at quarterback before the first quarter was even over, and went on to throw three touchdown passes and run for 184 yards, but so much for that newly stalwart Owls' defense: Tettleton alone accounted for 258 yards and three touchdowns, with the Bobcats gaining almost twice as many total yards (521) as Temple had been allowing in an average game. [RECAP | BOX]

SBC through the breach: The Sun Belt will allow member institutions to handle the increased NCAA scholarship monies and tenures on a by-school basis.

RichRod has some thoughts: Listen to Rodriguez target="_blank">flat-out cackle as he discusses West Virginia's Big East exit hurdles.

Quote of the day: "Trent Richardson just told us that he benches 'about 475' and that they won't let him try to do more." -- Paul Pabst

Home for the ruptured: Kentucky's Morgan Newton has been limited in practice this week.

Roster blotter: Boise State's going to beat up on UNLV even worse, if that's possible, thanks to the suspension of five Rebels for the ever-popular-and-mysterious violation of team rules. Marquel Wade apologizes, and so does his mom. NIU's Jamaal Bass is suspended for a hit on a defenseless band member.  Ohio State's Jaamal Berry continues to have an interesting year in the police blotter. Safety Desmond Brown is done at Clemson.

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down three scholarship tailbacks

the SEC's most efficient quarterback

least offensive Maryland uniform

attendance record that could

Yale quarterback

four NC State players in an ice cream cone

one more Halloween photo

a very special anniversary