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Designated Read: Houston Nutt for UNA Athletic Director


Changing the name on the door: Not better. Houston Dale Nutt is out at Ole Miss, and inevitability the University has scheduled a 3:00 p.m. ET press conference to formally announce his firing. If they're smart, they'll go ahead and dispose of athletic director Pete Boone while they're at it, in the interest of bringing on somebody who won't go out and hire another Ed Orgeron.

The Right Reverend leaves behind a legacy of anticipation that never quite crested into accomplishment. I can't tell you how sad I've been to see the shadow army of players I assumed he was stockpiling in junior colleges across the state never materialize to return the Rebs to prominence. Nutt will reportedly finish out the season, which means our preseason flights of fancy involving LSU becoming the college football's first three-loss national champions could, technically, still come to pass. Ole Miss is without a jaw-dropping upset win this season, and LSU without an inexplicable loss. It makes no sense and is unlikelier than unlikely, but wouldn't it be great television?

Your weekly, thinly-veiled threats directed at the Coaches' Poll in the comments, please.BCS top five, after 10 weeks of play, are LSU, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Stanford and Boise State. Remember that Stanford plays Oregon and Boise State plays TCU this week, and Bedlam looms a couple weeks out for the 'Pokes, so there's still a lot of room for movement up top. Alabama does drop to No. 4 in the AP Poll, and the Coaches' Poll ranks Virginia Tech ahead of Clemson despite the Tigers pantsing the Hokies 23-3, because the Coaches' Poll is a waste of pixels and processing. Stewart Mandel has bowl projections for your voracious consumption.

I'll believe it when I hear it from Tony Barnhart, and not a minute before.Missouri is SEC-bound as of July 1. There's a logo and everything. Clubhouse leader for new division names: Jefferson Pilot and Raycom.

Take out the trash day: The system works! Auburn executed a flawless document dump the Friday before that circus-animal clash in Tuscaloosa, releasing reams of information on Cam Newton and assorted hilarious secondary violations.

We sincerely hope you've learned your lesson about getting up to foolishness the week before the season's least important game. Hey, Isaiah Crowell's getting his starting spot back! Lookit that!

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