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Designated Read: The shield is down


Rebs can't repel failpower of that magnitude: From the "surprising sweeps that were much needed but still managed to surprise" department: Ole Miss AD Pete Boone will, in fact, follow Houston Nutt out the door in Oxford. Not a moment too soon for some Rebel partisans, but if they'd just installed Admiral Ackbar as mascot as God intended, this never would've happened.

Home for the ruptured:Dan Persa plans to be back in action for Northwestern this weekend. Same for John Brantley at Florida. Over at Tennessee, Tyler Bray has his cast off but won't be recovered enough from his broken thumb in time to start against Arkansas. And in a bad blow to Texas A&M, Christine Michael has had another season cut short by injury, suffering a torn ACL.

Roster blotter:Chas Dodd will start at quarterback for Rutgers against Army. LSU's quarterback decision is less certain. UCLA corner Aaron Hester catches an official reprimand.

Realignment tidbits, grudgingly dispensed: You all made fun of me when I suggested Boise State to the SEC, and now San Diego State wants in the Big East, so there. The Big East, meanwhile, is making doe eyes in the general direction of BYU. Air Force might be getting cold feet. SEC cross-conference rivalries will be preserved under the new 14-team system, and a nine-game schedule is off the table, for the moment.

Tuesday whimsy:

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"Les Miles" and "walkabout"

remain the Fighting Sioux

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