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Hot Mics, Cold Hearts: Week 10


Potent quotables from a bright November week of college football.

"Gonna watch THE big game tonight. I hope Arkansas wins." -- Mark Richt, via @ajcuga

"How come none of the anti-realignment folks are crushing Belmont for bailing on the Atlantic Sun to join the Ohio Valley next year?" -- Andy Glockner

"I am in midseason form. I sense the Dr. Pepper commercials coming and hit Mute before the music even starts." -- Bill Connelly

"Brian Wilson can't hide his desperation to be loved with that Tiger head." -- Matt Hinton

"Little known fact: Les Miles has a birthmark shaped like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit." -- @DannyFordIsGod

"Les Miles will be late for all interviews today due to his foiling of a plot to steal the Declaration of Independence." -- Spencer Hall

"Doesn't it still feel a bit too soon to take 'Let's go down to Tim Brewster...' seriously?" -- Dan Rubenstein

"The proliferation of helmet stickers on Stanford helmets suggests grade inflation isn't restricted to the classroom." -- @DCTrojan

"For some reason, after gaining 33 yards on four runs, the 'Horns have thrown it twice." -- David Just

"It's called being a gracious host." -- David Ubben

"[You] just saw the most Denard Robinson completion of his career (tipped, anyone's ball, caught)." -- John Walters

"Most Denard pass is a 60-yard run." -- Bryan Fischer

"Florida's defense works two minimum wage jobs to keep the family afloat, only to come home and see the offense bought an ATV with no tires." -- @celebrityhottub

"I think Wing should taunt Bama while his next punt is still in the air, just to see how the refs call it." -- @CaptainAnnoying

"There's always one second left for Les. Always." -- Pat Forde

"That drive will age Nick Saban to his actual age." -- Doug Farrar

"I wonder if folks ever remember that the SEC is the SEC because of a bunch of folks in Bristol, Connecticut." -- @TheGurglingCod

"I think I've got my money's worth." -- T. Boone Pickens, via Brett McMurphy