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State College unspools amid scandal


Since we last addressed the Jerry Sandusky case in this space, a rapid roundup of developments:

Penn State officials Gary Schultz and Tim Curley surrendered, and made the first public appearance in court. Further stories have emerged about Sandusky interacting with children on university property, and continuing to enjoy full access to the main campus. The Harrisburg paper devoted the entire front page to an editorial on the subject, and two alleged victims' mothers give interviews within. Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly stated the investigation is not currently targeting Joe Paterno. Meanwhile, the case of a DA now believed dead has been revisited. Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan is gobsmacked. And today, as national reporters descended for Joe Paterno's weekly press conference, media were told first that only questions pertaining to the current season would be permitted, then were handed a poorly edited announcement that the conference was canceled altogether. Then there's this:

Paterno's son Scott told The Associated Press that the decision was made by President Graham Spanier's office.

Scott said that his father was disappointed and was prepared to take questions about the scandal as well as the upcoming game against Nebraska.

according to SportsCenter

The New York Times

plans for Paterno's departure