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Snaps The Last: The Philosopher's Stone


Snap Judgments from the Week 11 late shift. For swing shift Snaps, click here. For early shift Snaps, click here. For Andy Staples’ account from Penn State, click here. For a recap of all the Top 25 action click here, and for highlights from click here

 No. 4 Alabama 24, Mississippi State 7: Here's a short story about tonight's game between the Crimson Tide of Tuscaloosa and the Bulldogs of Starkville: Once upon a time, Trent Richardson gained 127 yards by himself and Mississippi State gained 131 as a team. Right behind Richardson: Eddie Lacy, recording 97 yards on just 11 carries and adding two touchdowns to Richardson's one. Sacks on State quarterbacks: five. Alabama missed field goals: two. Yup! Still a problem! But still a team problem, with Jeremy Shelley and Cade Foster each missing one kick attempt. It's nice to share. And the fact that they're both still in possession of both their legs after last week is a testament to the enduring magnanimity of elfin gridiron philosopher-king Nick Saban. [RECAP | BOX | HIGHLIGHTS]

 No. 6 Oregon 53, No. 3 Stanford 30: Much more on tonight's marquee contest from Stewart Mandel, who actually saw it happen, but if you're wondering how many undefeated teams remain, it's the BCS' least favorite number: three. That's No. 1 LSU, No. 2 Oklahoma State and No. 10 Houston, for those of you scoring at home. If you missed it tonight, one highly entertaining play to catch on replay: Darron Thomas passing to De'Anthony Thomas for a 41-yard touchdowh ... on fourth and seven. Chip Kelly, that's just filthy. [RECAP | BOX | HIGHLIGHTS]

 No. 1 LSU 42, Western Kentucky 9: Our chaotician's dream of LSU as the first three-loss national champion is done for, but check out Western Kentucky, scoring a rushing touchdown on the Tigers where the Tide could not. And it wasn't even with the team's top back. AND the Hilltoppers got a safety sacking Jordan Jefferson in his own endzone. Funny old world, innit? [RECAP | BOX]

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 No. 8 Arkansas 49, Tennessee 7: A good football team beat a team not good at football, but this game is marked for the pantheon because it's where this Joe Adams punt return took place. That is all you need know. [RECAP | BOX | HIGHLIGHTS]

 Utah 31, UCLA 6: How much spite could Norm Chow churn up for his former employer? About this much. [RECAP | BOX]

 Louisiana Tech 27, Ole Miss 7: I really do think Louisiana Tech might get very interesting once Sonny Dykes gets all the personnel he needs to properly establish his own little Air Raid fiefdom down in Ruston. But don't let this take away from the persistent hopelessness of 2011 Ole Miss football. [RECAP | BOX]

 No. 25 Southern Miss 30, UCF 29: