Hot Mics, Cold Hearts: Week 11 in quotes

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Potent quotables from a rollicking November weekend of college football.

"We didn't shock the world, we just reminded them." -- Tank Carder

"What does Tommy Tuberville say to Texas Tech down 49-0 at the half? Let's go out there and generate a misleading final score?" -- Matt Hinton

"Don't rush to judgment. Baylor trails, 24-3, but the game isn't televised. This could all be an elaborate ruse." -- David Ubben

"Nothing screams I COACHED IN THE NFL like a 17-yard field goal attempt." -- Ralph Russo

"Florida has a lot of issues and Weis not at fault for all, but saying Meyer's recruits are why they can't get a TD is a stretch." -- Chris Brown

"Stanford band on the field now. ... Can you imagine what those guys might do at halftime of BCS title game?" -- George Schroeder

"There are three things that can go wrong when you attempt a pass. Darron Thomas did eight of them." -- Stewart Mandel

"The only thing that helps you less than kicking a field goal against Oregon is missing one." -- Bryan Fischer

"Oregon's game plan was diabolical: 'We're faster, you're slower. Any questions?'" -- Ray Ratto

"As they get burned, I like to imagine Stanford's safeties screaming 'KING'S ROOK TO D1!! KING'S ROOK TO D1!!'" -- @celebrityhottub

"I am certain Kappa Delta gave more effort orchestrating a Miss Ole Miss win this week than the Rebs have given for a W against Tech." -- @ABSnashville

"Tonight we lost the party in spectacular fashion." -- @RaginCajunRebel

"I call Xavier Nixon 'The Napping Cat' because of how easy it is to make him jump. " -- @JoeTereshinski4

"I'll tell you what, the Big 12 needs to get them in it. They can play with anybody." -- Gary Patterson, via Brian Murphy

"I hadn't seen green grass like that since high school.'' -- Kyle Negrete, via @InsideUSC

"How do you coach, 'Hey LB, don't run into three of your own guys and knock them out of a play?'" -- @govols247

What the hell is a running backs coach telling James right now? 'Yeah, the way you ran a long way for a TD? That was good. Real good.'" -- Spencer Hall

"Prediction: Multiple football programs go on probation in the next five years for giving cars to kickers." -- @bylawblog

"The only ones who can save us from chaos are Les Miles and Mike Gundy. Pause a minute and think about that." -- David Wunderlich

"I see that Grand Theft Auto: Orange Bowl (Clemson / WVU) is alive and well. Take solace." -- Steven Godfrey

Luke Zimmermann