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Designated Read: Show me the way home


 SEC, 1-2-3: Your freshly updated BCS standings are led by LSU, Alabama and Arkansas. Count me in the anti-rematch camp, if mildly, but here we are. Unless this is in fact a slippery slope to a best-of-seven series between the Bayou Bengals and Crimson Tide that stretches into spring. With my NFL team in the thick of the race for the No. 1 2012 draft pick, I'd watch that.

The Coaches' Poll now has actual reason to rank Virginia Tech ahead of Clemson (thanks plenty, NC State!), but in the absence of that hilarious oversight a new grumble has cropped up in the AP poll, which is supposed to know better: Oregon over USC! Too bad these two squads didn't settle things on the field the day before yesterday, amirite?

Tangentially related, but interesting: If you're a polling nerd, check out how one beat writer sifted through the one-loss teams on his ballot.

 And now for an unbroken string of terrible news: Arkansas redshirt freshman tight end Garrett Uekman died Sunday morning of as-yet unknown causes. He was found unconscious in his dorm room and pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Uekman was 19 years old.

In Orlando, Robert Champion, a drum major for FAMU's famed Marching 100, died Saturday night after the Rattlers' game against Bethune-Cookman. Champion was 26 years old.

Also on Saturday, a truck struck three people at a Harvard-Yale tailgate, killing one.

And Sunday night, revered Georgia broadcaster Larry Munson died of complications from pneumonia. The AJCremembers him best.

Our sincere condolences to all families involved, and best wishes to the Arkansas, Georgia and FAMU football communities.

 Penn State things:Joe Paterno has been diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer. The NCAA will launch an inquiry into Penn State's athletic department, which is problematic for several reasons.

 Should college football be year-round? An intriguing proposal from the NCAA compliance blog in response to new concussion research.

 Fresh coaches, bought and sold: Urban Meyer to Ohio State! Maybe! This popped up in a lot of places at once; for my part, I saw it first on vaunted OSU blog Eleven Warriors. Except he's not going, until he totally is! Dennis Erickson's future: Reply hazy, try again. Gary Pinkel has pled guilty to DWI.

 Life is like a bowl of cherries. Cherries that bite back:BYU: Bound for the Armed Forces Bowl. Arkansas State: Accepted an invitation to one of the all-time most awkwardly named postseason contests. Miami: Not accepting crummy bowl bids at this time.

 Home for the ruptured: Best wishes to moxie-ful Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday, hospitalized with a lacerated liver sustained against Utah. You read that right. Alabama safety Will Lowery's knee injury will end his season. Also betrayed by a traitorous joint: Notre Dame's Jonas Gray. Nick Foles got banged up beating Arizona State. Virginia's Bill Schautz has two broken bones in his leg.

 Monday whimsy:

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