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 Fresh coaches, bought and sold: News from the carousel: As Scout's John Martin first reported, TCU offensive coordinator Justin Fuente is next in line for the Memphis meat-grinder -- though not before a similar square dance first reeled in, then lost Jim McElwain. On paper, this looks like a solid get for the Tigers; what Fuente expects to get out of such a topsy-turvy administrative support scenario is known only to Fuente. Arizona State's negotiations with June Jones have fallen through, in a manner that drove Jones' agent to social media to express his bewilderment. Urbz hits the road to rake in future Buckeyes. Bill Byrne blames the big, mean internet for forcing him to fire Mike Sherman over the phone. And Ted Roof will trouble Auburn no more.

 Not a lawyer, but thinking this figure is waaaay low: Jerry Sandusky spent Wednesday night in jail following his arrest on new sex abuse charges. He posted $250,000 bail Thursday morning. Sandusky has been placed under house arrest as a condition of his release.

 A bad day gets worse: Oregon State defensive tackle Fred Thompson, who collapsed Wednesday playing basketball on campus, has died at the unforgivable age of 19. The cause of death was initially reported as a heart attack. Our sincere condolences and best wishes to Thompson's family, the Beavers team, and the Oregon State football community.

 Realignment tidbits, grudgingly dispensed: The Big East makes its many-tentacled expansion official, and will go national (right, so that's how they're spinning this) without the Air Force Academy.

 Bowltyme! Brett McMurphy runs down shakeups in the BCS AQ system.

 Quote of the day: "Fun Fact: Robert Griffin, if he wins, would be the first Heisman winner to wear Angry Birds socks since Paul Hornug." -- Dan Rubenstein

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