Designated Read: Feigned cares return

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"There go my people. I must find out where they are going so I can lead them." Now that changes to the BCS format lurk just beyond the horizon, with popular sentiment for those changes swelling in the wake of another controversial national title game matchup, here come the politicians clambering onto the anti-bowl system bandwagon. Way to be heroes, guys. Way to be.

Smash segue! That student-athlete stipend legislation is indeed on hold, and the NCAA's compliance blog has an idea for a fix:

The simplest way to address the issues with an unfunded mandate is often to fund it. However, that is often impossible since funding the program (i.e. raising taxes) is often as unpopular as the program might be necessary. But in this case, the Board of Directors could kill not just two but six birds with one stone. Because the mechanism for funding a large grant-in-aid increase is the creation of an FBS football playoff.

Penn State things: Mike McQueary is testifying in the Jerry Sandusky case today; the Patriot-News' Sara Ganim is live-tweeting the proceedings. Gary Schulz and Tim Curley are also scheduled to appear this afternoon. And Sandusky's legal team should maybe all just stop talking outside a courtroom.

Fresh coaches, bought and sold!Rams fleeced! Get it?? And can we please all stop pretending that that gawky hatchet job video of Kristi Malzahn had anything to do with her husband's career prospects?

The national nightmare is over; the regional nightmare begins: The Associated Press could maybe choose a better word instead of calling Craig James an "analyst," but the fact remains: Nobody's favorite talking head has requested time away from our television screens, and for that a grateful nation breathes a little less exasperatedly. Raise a mid-morning latte to the stalwarts doing PR for ESPN, who surely did not sign up to have to defend the likes of James when they took their jobs, and one to the excellent Rece Davis, who sailed with grace through far too many games saddled with James in the booth.

Roster blotter:  Today in draft-bound Pac-12 phenoms: Matt Kalil of USC (it's official now) and Stanford guard David DeCastro.

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