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Designated Read: Indoors, thunder rolls

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Marshall 20, Florida International 10: Forget "need input,"  this game could've used about three times as much output. The Golden Panthers were pinned deep and often by the Thundering Herd in last night's unacceptably lo-fi Beefobradys (currently accepted spelling after our available supply of apostrophes was exhausted in previewing this game) Bowl. FIU gained just 251 net offensive yards and was held scoreless through the entire second half, while Marshall went on a relative hot streak, piling on 10 points in the fourth quarter to put the game away. [RECAP | BOX]

That's a wrap on the sweatervest era: Ohio State's NCAA sanctions in the matter of Terrelle Pryor and his Tat Five Orchestra were released yesterday afternoon: Additional probation, additional scholarship reductions, a one-year postseason ban and a five-year show-cause penalty for Jim Tressel. Read the NCAA's statement here, and one from the inexplicably still-employed Gene Smith here. Charles Robinson hints the Buckeyes got off easy, relatively speaking; Spencer Hall hopes the Gator Bowl will be worth it for the Buckeyes.

Fresh coaches, bought and sold! Busy couple of days on the carousel: Ellis Johnson to Southern Miss is official. Hawaii native Norm Chow will return home to coach the Warriors. Yale's coach has resigned amid an investigation into his resume. Coastal Carolina has made a very interesting hire; no word on Mr. Moglia's feelings re: the respective football strengths of cats and dogs. Somebody tell T. Boone to shake his considerable change purse at Mike Gundy, already. Everett Withers will sign on in Columbus following the Independence Bowl. And Andy Staples has a modest proposal for Akron.

Today in NCAA dumbitude: Mark Richt "made personal payments of more than $25,000 to coaches and support staff due to what he perceived as inadequate compensation for those individuals. Richt’s actions were determined to be secondary violations of NCAA rules regarding supplemental pay, according to a recent NCAA review of an lengthy internal investigation conducted by UGA." Of course they were. Reminder, via Mark Schlabach: UGA's athletic department turned a $50 million-dollar profit last year.

Good news for good guys, cont'd:Watch Eric LeGrand find out he landed the SI Moment of the Year cover.

Home for the ruptured: Illinois will be down one starting fullback for the increasingly sad Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl with Jay Prosch sidelined with a staph infection.

• Roster blotter: 2010 Insight Bowl MVP Marcus Coker will miss the 2011 Insight Bowl thanks to the ever-popular-and-mysterious Violation Of Team Rules. And nice try, Dwight Jones, but you have to go to Shreveport with the rest of your teammates.

Quote of the day: "So basically, the NCAA could've easily been more aggressive with their ruling, but instead played Tresselball." -- Dan Rubenstein

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