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FAQ: Music City Bowl

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The 2011 Music City Bowl is just days away. We're sure you have so many questions. We're here to help. (For an Xs and Os breakdown, check out Bette Marston's game preview.)

 Where will this game be played? Nashville's LP Field, home field for Titans and Tennessee State games.

When is it on television? Kickoff is scheduled for 6:40 p.m. ET on Friday, December 30. The game will be televised on ESPN.

Whom does it feature? The ACC and SEC provide the tie-in teams.

What about this year? First ESS EEE CEE game of the postseason, PAAAOWL! Mississippi State and Wake Forest will converge on the Cumberland.

Who will call the game? Reserve some postseason sympathy for Mark Jones, Ed Cunningham and Jeannine Edwards.

Who sponsors the game? Franklin American Mortgage, which took over for Gaylord Hotels last season.

So this game could theoretically be nicknamed the "Mortgage Music City Bowl"? If you like.

Man, I'd like to mortgage Music City. I'm not sure what that means.

No, like in Monopoly. I'd like to flip it over to pay for a railroad or something, and I can't collect rent but in exchange I never have to hear another Taylor Swift song again, and neither does anybody else. Understood.

Enough about the football. What about the loot? Gift suite, schmift suite. Nothing to see. BUT! On the merchandise website, you can for some reason purchase a shirt commemorating Wake Forest's break-even season!

What mild indignities/wacky activities will visiting teams be subjected to while in town? Apart from a rib-eating contest on a riverboat (always a good bet for entertainment when college kids with high metabolisms are involved), the best bet for shenanigans is tonight's trip to the Nashville Predators. The game doesn't start for over an hour, so there's plenty of time to place bets on which team's mascot will be pitched over the Plexiglas and into a hockey fight.

Please impart any miscellaneous knowledge you might have concerning the 2011 Music City Bowl. This might be the first bowl press release we have ever seen that suggests a dress code for a bowl week event ("Gameday and Spirited Attire"). Never change, Nashville.

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