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Designated Read: Scurvy prevention edition


Miss out on last night's mayhem in Miami? Pre- and postgame photo highlights are collected in the gallery above; below, some extra goodies that didn't make it into gameday coverage:

• Like your touchdowns by the dozen, do you? Peruse Chris Brown's primer on the Dana Holgorsen Airraid.

• Just a few months into his regime, Holgo's assistants are already buying into his all-important beverage philosophy.

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• And the AP recap of the game is worth a read for the detailing of postseason records broken during the 2012 Orange Bowl, and for the following priceless passage regarding Darwin Cook's sideline collision with the plush bowl mascot after his gamebreaking fumble return:

After Cook crossed the goal line, he gleefully leaped on mascot Obie, a smiling orange, and they both tumbled to the turf. Obie rose unhurt and resumed her duties.

Cook and Obie met on the field after the game and shared a hug.

"I didn't know you were a girl," he told the mascot. "I apologize."

catch the entire incident here