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Photos: Tide & Tigers take New Orleans


For our last road trip of the 2011-12 college football season, we found ourselves caught up in the spooky splendor of New Orleans, beset on all sides by hordes of LSU and Alabama faithful. The last time we were here was for Alabama's prior trip to the Superdome, if you remember what we mean. It went better for the Tide this time around, you might say. Lessons learned:

1. Drunk ladies in the French Quarter LOVE police horses, and will attempt to pet them, at great personal peril, no matter how fast the horse is traveling.

2. Duck confit gumbo is a real thing, and is to be consumed with reverence.

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3. Consuming short-rib po-boys before catching a plane home, however, will end with one's traveling companions googling "am I having a heart attack or is this indigestion" in the airport security line.

4. Short-rib po-boys are still worth it.