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The pizza bowls must be preserved


Lauded in this space just a month ago for clinging to its dot-com sponsor for a decade following the collapse of the tech bubble, the Insight Bowl suddenly finds itself set adrift, in a basket on a strange doorstep, with a note pinned on its blanket reading "free to good home, for money." A quick adoption fact sheet, for those of you considering placing this lovable game  under your organization's banner:

Family history: Less than ideal. Cousin to the famously corrupt Fiesta Bowl, and at times seems neglected by caretakers. The website is relegated to a folder on the Fiesta Bowl's site, and should interested parties click through to buy merchandise, they're redirected to the Fiesta Bowl store, which is (sorry, OU fans ) currently splashed with Cowpoke victory swag, wall to wall, with a lone lousy banner ad strung up for Sooners products.

Trauma history: Relentlessly awful trophy. Aired for a time on the NFL Network. Has been known to lash out at the teams themselves. Has not received all its shots, but after hosting Tim Brewster two years in a row you're pretty much inoculated against the big stuff.

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