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Kentucky's Ridge Wilson imparts valuable business lesson


The extremely Kentuckily-named Ridge Wilson really should've gotten arrested last week, when he could have given MTSU's Preston Tillman Bailey III a jolly fight in our Allstate Police Blotter Item of the Week poll (which continues to be in no way sponsored by Allstate). Where Bailey was lacking in elegance of execution, caught keeping his stash in a dirty clothes hamper, Wilson has clearly studied up enough on the tricks of his chosen trade to remember the first rule of drug trafficking under duress: Never keep your drugs and your money in the same pants.

Wilson allowed officers to search his vehicle. That's when police say they found a pair of jeans in the back seat with a bag of Xanax pills. They also allegedly found $1,947 in the jeans he was wearing. Wilson was charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, a felony.

Of course, it helps if the pairs of pants are themselves separated. (Man, what is it with allegedly drug-dealing college athletes and laundry issues?) And if you don't repeatedly remind the cops you're a D-I football player like that's some kind of ameliorating factor.

The junior Wildcats linebacker played in nine games this season before being sidelined with a shoulder injury for most of November. He's also a finance major, but you might have already guessed that.