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Programming Note: Gone Fishin'


We're hitting the road for our first swing through spring camps, so you're getting your roundup reading today. Normal posting will resume Monday. 

Wisconsin wins Whimsy Wednesday!Wowsers! Bret Bielema (the alliteration hits just keep on coming) has landed high-profile transfer fish and Maryland refugee Danny O'Brien, and will attempt to stage an encore presentation of 2011's smash hit, "Anything Your ACC Quarterback Can Do, He Can Do Better Here," starring Russell Wilson. (It's a working title.) Our sincere best wishes to O'Brien, whom we hope informed Randy Edsall of his decision by leaving a terse answering machine message explaining that Wisconsin is his "dream school."

• This blurb also not sponsored by Allstate. No Allstate Police Blotter Item of the Week this week thanks to a strange lull in college football-adjacent crime, but we can't let the week pass without recognizing the efforts of Boston College defensive lineman Jaryd Rudolph, who got himself busted making a sex tape of a teammate and a female BC student. It was an audio-only sex tape, making it the "losing to one-win Maryland" of erotica. (Sorry, Terps. Not your day. Here, have a metaphor.)

• Hail to the Sun Belt, sure is a fun belt, Ra! Ra! Ra! Georgia State to the Sun Belt one scant season after joining the CAA? Sure, why not? This is the age of San Diego State to the Big East, and nothing is sacred or sensical.

• Horrorstat of the week.

Fantasy draft pick of the week.


this has never happened in college football

Seantrel Henderson

gonna start being good

is a glib dude

Michigan linemen on a tandem bike

the parts of speech "barbecue" can and cannot be