Your Monday Hawgpanky update

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Circumstances in Fayetteville did not visibly shift over the holiday weekend, but if you're absolutely desperate for further tidbits:

• Following the accident, Bobby Petrino reportedly asked a bystander not to call 911, and instead contacted a state trooper of his acquaintance to take him to the hospital. Arkansas State Police are investigating the trooper's involvement.

• Petrino remains on paid leave while AD Jeff Long sorts through the rubble; meanwhile, the Razorbacks are back at practice.

• Misc.: SB Nation's Jason Kirk makes an actual football-based case for cutting Petrino loose. Arkansas Expats sifts assorted message board rumors. Shelley Smith and a WWL camera crew descended on Fayetteville to gauge fan reaction (warning: unstoppable autoplay video alert).  And that Sugar Bowl cap appears to have served its intended purpose: There will apparently be a pro-Petrino rally in town this evening. No word on any events planned in support of Josh Morgan.

Photo credit: teamcatlab, naturally.