Weekend Whimsy: Football is played with balls, you see

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Hitting the weekend outpost a little early, as we're headed up to Clemson to give a talk (like you, we are entirely unclear why we should be asked to help mold young minds) and take in the spring game. BUT FIRST:

So it turns out "balls" is one of the words that can get your incoming comment flagged as spam and auto-hidden. This video will not help.

Well, that's a relief. Alabama's all set to repeat as mythical national champions, you guys! Everything's fine! [locks door, cranks Nick Cave, cries for days]

Relativity in Gainesville. Yes, Will Muschamp, it is difficult to summon sympathy for a program with two titles to its name in the past 10 years, but if it makes you feel any better, a Gator Bowl victory serving as "rock bottom" for your program is a nadir envied by most.

We must advise against this. Look, we're not trying to tell anybody which team to support with your hard-earned Ameribucks, but once upon a time, before these shirts had DADGUM on them, we bought a FEAR THE ROO shirt for our kangaroo-loving little sister for Christmas, and got placed without our consent on the booster mailing list to end all mailing lists. Messages came from all sorts of addresses, making the blocking of one a pointless folly. Overt threats did not work. It took eleven months for them to stop. The choice is yours.

Happy trails. The essential and soon-to-be-sorely-missed Bylaw Blog waves adieu with a final piece of NCAA knowhow.

Tweet of the week, I.

Tweet of the week, II.

Tweet of the week, III.

FAT GUY FOOTBALL THINGS. Northwestern knows what we like.

Spurrier the Grey. That was my name. Spurrier the White spits some of that old fire in the general directions of Georgia and Alabama.

And now, Mike Leach operating a crane.

Happy weekend!