Slunt for Lunt! Oklahoma State picks Brandon Weeden's replacement

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Gentle readers, remember how Brandon Weeden was a few years older than the typical starting college quarterback? His successor is a little bit younger! Won't that make for lots and lots of neat jokes? Wes Lunt, a 6-foot-5 pro-style early enrollee out of Rochester, Illinois, was named Oklahoma State's 2012 starter today by the Pokes. Mike Gundy, in a school release, took the "whoever scores the most points wins the game, Sherlock" approach to explaining his choice:

"We had to make a decision based on what we thought was best for our offense to score points and then give us the best chance to win football games. All three players had good springs, but at some point, the decision is made on the field. There's always a comment about who coaches are going to name as the starter at any position, but the coaches usually don't make that decision -- the decision is made by the players. Wes performed better than the other two quarterbacks in the spring."

We'll be hearing a lot about Oklahoma State's draft-depleted offense this fall, which also means hearing from Todd Monken more often than we are perhaps used to, and boy howdy, won't that be a fun time for everybody. From David Ubben, here's Monken ruminating per-decision:

"It didn’t take long when ol’ (Oklahoma receiver Ryan) Broyles went down and (OU) started running the dozer to think, 'Do we have our guy?' That didn’t take long," Monken said. "Landry Jones went from like, 'I’m the man,' to all of a sudden, 'I haven’t thrown a touchdown pass, I'm fumbling it over my head at Oklahoma State. I gotta go back and see my quarterback guru.'"

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Some quick Googling turned up a band named Slunt! Maybe they'll write him a theme song!

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