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Realignment Diary: Papa is weak, we are hungry, and the WAC is no more

Contributing to the WAC's demise: Larry Coker's UTSA team, which is ditching the league for Conference USA. (Icon SMI)


Quick question before we dig in here, and we genuinely want to hear your thoughts: Do you find reading about realignment as tedious as we find writing about realignment? It's always struck us as a square dance on a grand scale, scored by apparently tireless fiddlers and sponsored by U-Haul, Golden Flake and some terrifying PCP-laced herbal laxative. When the sun peeks over the horizon, everybody's still at the dance.

Like we were saying yesterday about playoff football staging locations: We'll watch it anywhere. If we're that invested in North Texas football, does it particularly matter whether the Mean Green are playing teams from the WAC or the Sun Belt on any given weekend? And if we're not fans of, say, Hawaii football, but find ourselves compelled to watch the Warriors because of those two delightfully relentless homers who call the games on local TV, we'll follow that feed where it takes us. Even during the great teeth-gnashy SEC realignment rigmarole, when it seemed as though the future of rivalry games like Georgia-Auburn might be endangered -- would the cessation of the series stop Georgia and Auburn faithful from lining up in Athens and on the Plains? Just try stopping them. Those people have crossbows, probably.

Anyway. This stuff is hateful, but it's news, and it's May, and as such we write words about it. CBS, as usual, has been out in front on this story, and according to the reliable reporting of Brett McMurphy the WAC could be left with just Idaho and New Mexico State by the time this all shakes out. Jason Kirk points out the formidable geographical footprint that would be created by a MWC-CUSA hyperconference merger. (When these two collide, it's going to look like the end of Melancholia, only funnier.)

The "it's just a flesh wound" statement released by the WAC in response to the impending evisceration of its football membership is sort of hilarious, implying that its main concern is to get people to stop asking if the WAC is OK, and if the WAC has anything it would like to talk about. And just in case the WAC is not fine, or in case that statement is blanket sarcasm, we'd like to take this moment to make brief cases for the inclusion of Idaho and New Mexico State in as-yet unspecified superconferences of the future:

• Vandals head coach Robb Akey is basically Dr. Teeth in human form. QED.

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