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You have Monday plans, football fan

It's real, and it's Mike Leach, so bet on it being nothing short of spectacular. In a weekend chat with the Omaha World-Herald, Leach covered halibut, TV lawyers and six-toed cats; just imagine what yarns he'll spin presented with a virtual roomful of devoted pirate aficionados. Some early favorites:

You've coached some of the most prolific college QBs in history, yet they have had limited success at the next level. What are your thoughts on "system" QBs translating to the NFL?

Your known as the mad scientist of college football (drinking coffee in Texas!) and a brilliant offensive coordinator, so what play call sticks out in your mind as the worst you made?

Which Big 12 team was your favorite to play? Least favorite? On a possibly related note, is Bill Snyder really a sorcerer?

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