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Weekend Whimsy: We see what you did there

Lovingly curated bits of light reading to speed you through to the weekend:


A hit, a palpable Hokie hit. Boston College blog BC Interruption goes logo-trolling, with splendid results.

• Jock exams.Andy Staples takes the NCAA rules test, discovering that "An institution may send an institutional postcard, provided its dimensions do not exceed 4 1/4 by 6 inches, it includes only the institution's name and logo or an athletics logo on one side when produced and it includes only handwritten information, (e.g., words, illustrations) on the opposite side when provided to the recipients," and maybe learning a little something about life along the way. [banjo twang]

• "People will pay money to watch a group of talented people play a game."Maybe it helps to be a Wake Forest fan, but this Deacs blogger has a good point to make and we, too, are so over realignment. Not in a too-cool, underground, realignment was so cool back in its analog days way, but in a 48 hours without sleep or eyedrops nails on a chalkboard way. Make it stop.

• We are posting this in the fervent hope that you will stop emailing us about it. There is a segment of Texas A&M's fanbase that feels very, very strongly about fonts. Here, they would like to tell  you about it in detail.

• Just putting up a few quarterbacks for winter, you guys. There is barely a complete sentence in this article about Hugh Freeze's scholly offers that cannot be turned into some sort of cold storage pun.

• Mike Leach item of the week:

• RELATED: Want to see who's donating to Craig James' hilariously flailsome Senate campaign? Sure, we all do!

These are not the roids you're looking for. 

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