Desmonte Leonard surrenders to police

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Desmonte Leonard, the lead suspect in the Auburn shootings, turned himself in Tuesday evening. (AP)


A big break in the Auburn shooting case, three days after the deaths of Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips: Alleged shooter Desmonte Leonard turned himself in to law enforcement Tuesday night in Montgomery. The AP reports the surrender was arranged by Leonard's family and defense attorney Susan James.

AU president Jay Gogue released the following statement after the arrest: "We appreciate the dedication and commitment of the Auburn City Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. This is a difficult time for our campus and community. We're remembering those who lost their lives, and it's important that we pull together to help those who are grieving and recovering. We're offering counseling to students, and we've reached out to the families. I ask everyone to offer your thoughts, prayers and support to those who need it."