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Louisville fans: concerned with face paint, not concerned with fall weddings. (ZUMAPRESS.com)


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Below, lovingly curated light reading to speed you to your weekend:

Reader mail: The Miracle Marriage. Our favorite response to Tuesday's Troll Wedding Calendar came from intrepid occasional colleague Godfrey, who writes:

I used a late January business trip to London to propose, ostensibly because I could do so in unforgettable vista of the WW2-bombed ruins of a Catholic church inside the old City of London gates  (#nohumblebrag) but also because the time of the proposal would theoretically not permit a big Southern wedding to planned in time for the Sept-Oct window but OH S*** I WAS WRONG SHE'S REALLY ORGANIZED.

My fandom was outweighed (read: overruled) by that whole "undying love and commitment thing, two become one in the eyes God, etc...," and 10/23/10 was selected due to the church's availability. The reception was held in her parent's home (straight up North Louisiana Steel Magnolias, srsly. My future father-in-law even shot squirrels out of the oak trees that morning).

The groomsmen fan affiliation broke down accordingly: 2 Ole Miss, 1 UGA, 1 Texas, 2 LSU, 1 Louisville (/was not concerned). You'd think a 630pm wedding on 10/23/10, the heart of the season, would spell disaster, especially with three SEC teams.

Behold, a miracle:

11:00 CT - Texas vs. Iowa State

11:20am CT - Ole Miss at Arkansas

2:30pm CT - LSU at Auburn (game ended right as the limo came to take the groomsmen to the church)

6:15pm CT - UGA at Kentucky (the sole conflict, BUT they re-aired it on FSN that night at 3am in the hotel bar, because yes, he watched it then)

The only minor complaint the entire night was a sole Bama fan unable to witness a mere routine slaughter of Tennessee. ONE fan out of a group of 300.

PS - As compensation, we had all-bourbon bar at the reception. Seven top-shelf choices to assist in helping most attendees forget what day/week/sports season it was before 9 p.m.

Just what we need, a new bagman investigation. When will the NCAA get over its obvious and reckless disregard for the state of North Dakota?

Do you need a Little Giants reference to make it through the day?Click here and wait 15 seconds.

An interview with Barry Switzer. That is all the introduction you require. Read.

We heartily object to there not being a parade. Alabama's probation lifts! Bedeck the Nick Saban statue with offerings of flowers and houndstooth bowties!

This is going to end like Of Mice And Men. Randy Edsall just needs a little human swaddling, says Kevin Plank.

Billboard fight! It's Louisville versus Kentucky, for all the highway eyesores!

From the sport that brought you 10 teams in the Big 12 and 12 in the Big Ten:Juniors in the Senior Bowl! Up is down! Down is sideways!

Duke, you'll never be taken seriously as a football program if this keeps up. Durham bans porch couches! Quel horreur!

recipe for chicken and waffles ice cream

a possum on a snowboard