SEC Media Days 2012: Gary Pinkel's still waters

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Missouri coach Gary Pinkel wants to be clear: He's younger than Nick Saban. (AP)


HOOVER, Ala. -- Right when it seemed like nobody at SEC Media Days was familiar enough with Gary Pinkel to know what kind of questions to ask to draw out interesting answers, an Alabama-based reporter came to the rescue with a query that's very much at the front of everyone's minds during realignment: Where on earth does one eat dinner in Columbia, Missouri?*

Pinkel's reply: "Why don't you email the city restaurant organization?"

Other important factoids revealed during Pinkel's Q&A session: He did know Nick Saban in college, when both played for Kent State, but: "First of all, [Saban's] older than me. I want to make that very clear."

*If you do not think this is important, you were not at SEC Media Days the year before last to witness the Lord of the Flies fracas that ensued when, simultaneously, the wireless internet went down and Chick-fil-A ran out of chicken. Journalism!