SEC Media Days 2012: John-El Smith arriveth!

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Interim coach John L. Smith hopes to stay at Arkansas beyond this season. (AP)


HOOVER, Ala. -- A Memphis-based reporter asked John L. Smith, "Would you like to be at Arkansas for more than one year?" Smith didn't have to think about it for long.  "OF COURSE. Do I look stupid? DON'T ANSWER THAT." We like you, Johnelle. A LOT. Even if you hadn't used the word nine times in your opening statement, we'd already know we're going to be blessed to have you around live mics this season.

• On the transition from the Bobby Petrino regime: "It's gonna be the same, as much as it can be." We actually sort of buy this given Smith's history with the program and the fact that so many assistants remained with the Razorbacks. "If you're committing to an individual, you're committing for the wrong reason. You commit to a school. You commit to a program."

• Has Johnelle talked with Bobby? "Can we move on to the next question, at least one with intelligence?" Temperatures in the room plummeted after that one, and John-El rocketed up our Crusty Codgers leaderboard.

• We're trying really hard to convey what it was like to sit in a room and watch a coach express normal human emotions at a podium, and if we're not completely getting our point across, perhaps one of Smith's players can lend assistance: [embed tweet]