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More Michael Dyer fallout

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Former Auburn and Arkansas State player Michael Dyer is not currently affiliated with a college program. (AP)


So it turns out that a motorist stopped by police and found with drugs and a weapon should probably leave the scene of that stop with more than a traffic ticket! Even when the motorist in question is a locally famous athlete! This valuable life lesson was imparted by now-former Arkansas State Trooper Royce Denney, who attempted to play the role of cool Uncle Jesse to Michael Dyer's DJ Tanner and will be paying for that decision with his job:

Denney scolded Dyer for allegedly having a gun, saying: "You don't need it. If you think it makes you look cool, you're stupid."

"It pisses me off that someone of your stature and your ability does this kind of stupid (expletive)," Denney said.

Excellent advice to any young person, to be sure, but poor execution, especially coupled with the accusation that Denney threw away marijuana discovered in Dyer's possession.