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Designated Read: WAC of the Hesperus

Dear, dear Hawaii-San Jose State. We'll miss you most of all. (AP)


• Idaho football is the sea captain's daughter in this scenario, we guess. One of the problems with covering conference realignment is the long lead time we have on the finality of it all. The WAC is actually, finally disintegrating, but since we'd already been eulogizing it for months, all we have left to add are dates: The conference intends to drop football after this upcoming season in order to focus on keeping the league together in any capacity at all, which is itself a task fraught with peril. Idaho and New Mexico State, free to good homes. Please give.

Duck, Ducks. "What it means for Oregon is that even if the NCAA never proves that Oregon’s coaching staff intended the purchase of Lyles’ recruiting service to get them access to prospects or had much contact with Lyles, the school could still face severe penalties." John Infante breaks down l'affaire Lyles with several ominous conclusions.

• How long do we plan on continuing to pretend anyone will outbid Jerry Jones? Houston and San Antonio aren't even the shiniest choices in their own state to land the Champions Bowl. And there's still time, Tampa and Jacksonville! Do it for Beef 'O' Brady's! (For the record, we are still hoping Vicksburg will toss in a bid, because you've seen basketball on an aircraft carrier, but never football in a riverboat casino, amirite??)

• Please note Michigan has been involved on both occasions. This Pop-Tarts branding story is not new to sports, or even to college football, but will that stem the tide of jokes? BY XANTHAN GUM, IT WILL NOT:

Georgia comes out best here, we think, with the alliterative "Bulldog Berry" flavor, while Florida must put up with "Florida Gators Strawberry" as though that is any sort of a real thing. Chomp, chomp!

• Injury report story hour.Lo Wood, Notre Dame projected starting cornerback, is likely lost for the season following an Achilles injury ... Florida tight end Colin Thompson needs foot surgery that could cost him most of his freshman season ... South Carolina loses running back Shon Carson and cornerback Akeem Auguste "indefinitely" to wrist and thigh injuries.

• Roster blotter. LSU soccer standout Mo Isom gives football another go this week ... Al Golden with some illuminating words on Seantrel Henderson ... Taylor Kelly will succeed Brock Osweiler at Arizona State ... and c'mon, Texas, just flip a coin or do a walk-off already.


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