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Designated Read: Doesn't make it a good idea

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Armanti Edwards dives over Michigan -- and expectations! See what we did there? (AP)


• Beep beep, Freep. The Detroit Free Press headline "Michigan AD Dave Brandon: We have to play Appalachian State to 'pay them back'" is baldly misleading, but got us to click through, so job well done, we guess? We'll save you the trouble of reading the article and point out that "pay them back" was indeed uttered by Brandon -- as one of a series of reasons he hears from a fanbase wanting to face the Mountaineers again.

This is not a new sentiment, but we'll take this moment to reiterate what a bad idea this 2014 rematch is from a football standpoint. It's a clever way to ensure robust ticket sales against an FCS opponent, but if the Wolverines wreck 'em, so what? They can boast only of having run it up on a program with a fraction of their resources and move to 1-1 in the series. If they win an ugly game, that's just sad and weird. And while it's highly, highly unlikely that they'd drop another one, well, how unlikely was that first loss?

• Oregon has new uniforms! I know, right? The desaturated yellow doesn't do much for us, but this shoutout to mallard coloring is compelling and strangely rooted in the real world.

• We will get to read Butch Davis' phone records! Won't that make for a spicy night in? Davis strikes us as the type to call Netflix customer service on the phone.

• Hope they're not all engraved with his name. When Todd Graham serves out the length of his first contract at Arizona State, we promise to stop making these jokes.

• Well, this was inevitable.

 Injury report story hour. Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God makes national television (sans attribution, but did we even need to tell you that?) ... and in actual injury news, Ray Graham may not be sufficiently recovered from last year's ACL injury in time to suit up for Pitt next Saturday.

Roster blotter.

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suspends Daje Johnson



waiver appeal is denied