Arkansas remains 'ranked;' more Designated Reads

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How many voters in the Coaches’ (LOLZ) Poll can name a single ULM player? We’ll get you started: This is quarterback Kolton Browning. (AP)


• It is entirely possible that Arkansas will still be ranked in the "Coaches'" "Poll" when John-El is fired. Your post-Week 2 polls are out and are being met with the usual mix of exasperation and outright contempt. Alabama, USC, LSU and Oregon top the AP Poll, with Florida State and Oklahoma tied for fifth; the Coaches' Poll favors the same six teams in a slightly rearranged order and some complete and total tomfoolery down in the double digits. When the steam currently emanating from your ears dies down (No love for Kansas State? Any sort of love for UNC?), please enjoy one of our favorite seasonal features, Bryan Fischer's Poll Attacks.

• We were also really looking forward to constructing a reader poll that "ROLL TIDE" would surely win.Via the AP: "Big East commissioner Mike Aresco says there are no plans for the conference to change its name," which is all kinds of too bad, because with the conference's coast-to-coast reach, but dubious likability we were sort of hoping they would name it after Lee Greenwood.

• And that, as they say, is that. Mike Markuson, Wisconsin's O-line coach, is Wisconsin's O-line coach no more.

• Injury report story hour. Tulane's Devon Walker is in stable condition after undergoing spinal surgery in Tulsa ... Miami's Ramon Buchanan is done for the season ... Oregon loses safety John Boyett ... Indiana quarterback Tre Roberson broke his leg against UMass ... and here's a quick rundown of Arkansas injury updates.

• Misc. While we no longer cover him, we do enjoy a good folksy Jim Harbaugh cuss-out ... bowl selection season heats up (breakfast) ... thanks for the pencils, granddaddy ... please join us in convincing ESPN to bring on Bill Dance as a celebrity guest picker ... we would pay a hefty PPV cost to hear a conversation between Erin Andrews and Terry Bradshaw about fake eyelashes ... and it is just so gratifying to see a pal who's just getting into college football tweet this on a Sunday night: