Bulls buffaloed as Kent State rolls; more Designated Reads

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Here we see Dri Archer running away from Buffalo's defense. This happened a lot on Wednesday night. (AP)

Dri Archer

• Kent State 23, Buffalo 7. It is expected, in major college football, that there will be punches and that those punches need to be rolled with, with all speed. Accidents happen. Injuries crop up. But we can't really fault Buffalo for dropping a game in which four of its starters got knocked out, particularly when one of those was star running back Branden Oliver. Oliver missed the second half with what was announced as only a "leg injury"; strong safety Issac Baugh, wide receiver Fred Lee and defensive end Steven Means were also out by the end of the evening.

Also not helpful for Buffalo: Kent State running back Dri Archer. The junior edged out teammate Trayion Durham, 127 rushing yards to 112, our favorite being a 57-yard second-quarter scramble that included an ice-cold spin move to break a tackle. [BOX | RECAP]

Daily inspiration. Disappointed in last night's game? Understandable. But understand that better things lie ahead:

BYU and Boise State kick off at 9 p.m. ET. Join us, won't you?

• Bowl updates of varying degrees of import. The AP has more details on the maybe-kinda-possibly-happening-already expansion of the postseason system we mentioned yesterday ... the Orange Bowl matchup gets all official-like.

• Son, I am disappoint. So here's the thing: You travel from Ann Arbor to South Bend. You get close to the stadium, circumventing students guarding its iron and concrete honor or whatever. You hang what looks, from a distance at least, like a very well-made banner on a stadium gate. And that banner says ... "BEAT THE IRISH"?? Michigan men, we know you are by and large a humorless people. As a product of an upbringing in Tennessee football, we share your grim outlook on sport. We get it. Football is a pale gray (pardon us, grey) break from the deep charcoal slog of everyday life. On this, we are in complete agreement. But we can all at least temporarily shimmy out the shackles of tradition and fake a cheeky sensibility for the purposes of a prank, can't we? Observe: "YOU ARE DOWN-IN-FRONTER THAN WE OURSELVES ARE DOWN-IN-FRONT, WHICH IS VERY DOWN-IN-FRONT, INDEED! HO HO!"

• Injury report story hour. TCU leading rusher Waymon James is done for the season (knee) ... Duke announced Wednesday that safety Corbin McCarthy will miss the remainder of the season following shoulder surgery.

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