Thursday Night Bites: Stanford at Washington (FAQ)

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We confess we're already looking ahead to Stanford-Notre Dame, and hope Stanford won't make the same mistake. (AP)

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Stanford and Washington play a single game tonight that makes up the entirety of your Thursday college football viewing schedule. We’re sure you have so many questions.

• What information do I, the discerning consumer, need to consume this game? The unranked Huskies and No. 8 Cardinal kick off tonight in Seattle at 9 p.m. ET. The game will be televised on ESPN and streamed on WatchESPN.

Isn't Washington's stadium being renovated? Where is the team holding its home games while all this is going on? For the 2012 season, the Huskies, along with Seattle's Seahawks and Sounders, will call CenturyLink Field home.

• Washington is the only non-alliterative team playing in that stadium. Do you think they feel left out? We know we would! If they would like to enact a name change just for this year, we humbly suggest the Washington WolfBearClownSharks.

• What the ... ? Only the fiercest unnatural predators in the animal kingdom! Are you going to go out of your way to anger a creature with the body of a wolf, the claws of a bear, the jaws of a shark and a killer clown nose? We are asking the questions here -- say, can those things pass or run with a football? Probably not, given their lack of opposable thumbs, which sort of makes them the perfect mascot for 2012 Washington football, amirite?? You are mean. Not so mean as Pac-12 league play is going to be to this team, but the Huskies have already played LSU this season, so at least they're used to crushing sadness.

• Is Washington good at anything? We will say that they are better at defense than they are at offense, but it might not look like they're really good at anything over the next couple weeks. This is what happens when you play Stanford, Oregon, USC and Arizona in consecutive games. The schedule really tapers off in November with games against Utah, Colorado and Washington State to close out the season, so a strong finish isn't out of the question.

You should probably say something about Stanford now.