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A Thousand Points of Spite: Week 7 awards

Assorted bests from college football's weekend that was.

• Play of the week, offense and defense at the same time.Johnny Manziel, handing off to Christine Michael AND making a tackle. Johnny Manziel is a 7-on-7 team of his own design. We saw this happen in person and still didn't quite believe it:

• Play of the week, miscellaneous. There's something almost whimsical about the way this Minnesota helmet logo flutters away from the scene of a collision.

• Trick play of the week.Steve Spurrier's fake visor toss. Diabolical.

• Best early Halloween costume. Mike Riley, on backup quarterback Cody Vaz, before Saturday's game against BYU:

Cody Vaz, in the actual game: 20-of-32 for 332 yards and three touchdowns, no picks. Total offense for the day: 330 yards. Sean Mannion's average per-game offense, before his injury: 334 yards. SPOOKAY!

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• Best comeback party. Monteé Ball, who amassed 247 net yards on 29 carries with three touchdowns against Purdue. It's his second three-score game of the season (he posted six games with three or more touchdowns last year) and first game of the season with more than 150 rushing yards. Ball broke Ron Dayne's Badgers career touchdown record with Saturday's performance; the NCAA record seems well within reach.

• Biggest sign that your Auburn-bred coworker may have a point about the football preferences of God.

The bad news, in this case, is that based on this year's scoreboards Alabama football appears to be more powerful than the wishes of whatever gods control American weather. THEY'LL SHOW YOU WHO ROLLS THE TIDE.

• Best new coaching rumor. Ever say something as a joke, not knowing what you're throwing out into the universe, and then see it pop up somewhere else for completely unrelated reasons in the mouths of people who are being completely serious? This is what happened to our pet theory that Nick Saban will eventually be lured away to coach the Dallas Cowboys. THIS, however, would be even worse:

Best apology. Dave Christensen, who included "the game of football" in his list of parties he had, by hid own admission, wronged by saying Air Force quarterback Connor Dietz was faking an injury at the end of Wyoming's loss to the Falcons. (Football had no comment.)

• Best person of whom to be insanely jealous this Monday. CBS' Bryan Fischer, who took in the Red River Shootout and the interminable quarterbacking duel in Shreveport and came away with a nice round number:

Biggest waste of what would have been an all-timer in our personal headline-writing pantheon.