Separating the East from the Slightly Less East; more Designated Reads

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• Let's settle this now. Behold, the divisions of the new Big East: Central Florida, South Florida, Connecticut, Louisville, Cincinnati and Rutgers in the East East, and Boise State, Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, SMU and Temple in the East West. The ease of remembering mostly geographically based divisions aside (lookin' riiiight at you, Increasingly Inaccurately Named Big Ten and ACC), new divisions mean new opportunities for mnemonic acronyms and Lovecraftian anagrams. IMPORTANT NOTE: For reasons relating to not wanting to come up with a bunch of U-words, we're going with Central Florida instead of UCF here, South Florida instead of USF and Connecticut instead of UConn. Thank you for your understanding.

Our best suggestions in the clubhouse thus far:

East: Crooked Stepping Creeping Landscape Creep Rust, Considering Shaken Chosen Lawyer Creator Rake and Change Shrewd Cremini Lump Craze Riot.

West: Blistered High Mockery S'more Stereo Turtle, Blended Holding Minor Sopping Sleepy Tangent and Broad Headache Manic Stiff Solace Toad.

Almost none of these words have anything to do with anything, which is sort of what we get for putting South Florida, Connecticut, Boise and San Diego State in the same conference. Please feel free to leave your own suggestions below.

• "You can basically do whatever you want." Don't miss this piece from Rachel George on the adoption saga of Sharrif Floyd and the ensuing NCAA tangles.

• Roster blotter.Jacoby Brissett will start at quarterback for Florida against Jacksonville State, in place of an injured Jeff Driskel ... Rex Burkhead's status is still undecided for the Huskers' game against Minnesota ... UNC kicker Casey Barth is done for the year.

• Marquess Wilson update. More on the state of the Washington State locker room at halftime during the Utah game, and what was going on at Cougars practice the day Wilson walked out.

Coach firin' season! Jeff Tedford is going to get right to the bottom of what is wrong with Jeff Tedford's team, which he might want to do before Sunday.

"'Every game, everywhere' is still a pipe dream." The Verge on ESPN and the future of streamed sports consumption

• Tyler Bray, doing Tyler Bray things. Tennessee's media session Tuesday was one for the ages:


his name is "sideline guy"

and this is pretty much it

simulates college football playoffs

has trademarked Johnny Football

the internet is forever

skydiving cats set to the music of R Kelly