Sun Belt raided for Blue Raiders, Owls; more Designated Reads

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• By the time you see this post, all of this information will be out of date. Just keep this soothing mantra in your minds, and we'll all get through this together:

Change begets stress, and even good stress is stress, our mama has always said, so continue those deep, cleansing breaths while you read these releases from Middle Tennessee State and Florida Atlantic announcing their intent to join Conference USA in 2014. Karl Benson is making solar puns in all caps, so give him a little hug if you see him. And our pal Steven Godfrey finally realizes why Rutgers cut him off for a story a couple weeks back.

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that Western Kentucky and New Mexico State may be next, so if it's all right with y'all we're going to wait until next week to re-revise our handy realignment graphic.

• Bowltyme! Our postseason schedule is up and running, with new bowl teams added as they're announced. It's also in a font large enough for you to read first thing in the morning without your glasses a couple weeks from now, when you sit upright in bed and are terrified you have overslept into the New Mexico Bowl.

• Roster blotter. Doctors hope to bring Navy quarterback Ralph Montalvo out of his medically induced coma by the end of the week ... Southern Miss' bad week gets worse with the arrest and suspension of quarterback Anthony Alford.

• Coach firin' (and hirin') season. If Uncle Luke turns out to be some sort of oracle this whole silly season will have been worth it.

• It has never been answered to our satisfaction whether or not the Beehive Boot is filled with live bees. But it belongs to Utah State now, possibly imaginary insects and all, after a media vote to break the three-way tie between USU, Utah and BYU went to the Aggies.

• Building a better student-athlete. The Bylaw Blog builds on plans for an athletic performance major.


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