Fond Fiesta Bowl memories; more Designated Reads

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Really, John Junker's compensation was quite reasonable when you take into account all those yellow blazers he had to wear. (AP)

Really, John Junker's compensation was quite reasonable when you take into account all those yellow blazers he had to wear. (AP)

• As our commenters will surely attest, we are in the wrong line of work. The Outback Bowl CEO made $400,000 in 2002 and more than $750,000 in 2010. If you weren't sure that you're doing your career wrong when former Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker's spending habits were publicized, you're really sure now. (Again: Can we get a bowl going? The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is listed here as a "second-tier bowl"; the Bowl was a thing for multiple seasons. Scratching our way into some as-yet unimagined fifth tier of postseason action can't be that hard. Gather up any Louisiana Tech and Middle Tennessee State players and coaches you can find and meet us on a municipal field in Florida to be named later.)

• Pine box? More like takeout box! Amirite? [crickets] So here's this story about Tommy Tuberville literally and actually ditching Texas Tech recruits at a restaurant the night he accepted the Cincinnati job, and one of them got downright poetical about it: "We still had a good time at night, but it was crazy how he just got up and left out of nowhere and left people in the dark and in the shadow.”

• Speaking of gobs and gobs of money.Brett "Sources" McMurphy on the playoff pie: "During the 12-year contract for college football's new playoff format, the nation's five power conferences (SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and ACC) will earn an average of nearly $75 million more per year than the smaller leagues known as the 'group of five.'"

• Coach-firin'-and-hirin' follies, cont'd. Wisconsin defensive coordinator Chris Ash will follow Bret Bielema to Arkansas, but he is remaining with the Badgers through the Rose Bowl ... San Jose State defensive coordinator Kent Baer will serve as interim head coach for the Spartans' appearance in the Military Bowl ... and Barry Alvarez will collect a decent day's wages while valiantly striding the sidelines in Pasadena.

• Roster blotter. All-ACC edition! Clemson's Martavis Bryantwill miss the Chick-fil-A Bowl due to academic concerns ... Miami's Thomas Finnie has been arrested on theft charges and is suspended indefinitely ... and Duke's Chris Tavarez would rather be a Wizard of Waverly Place than a Blue Devil.

• Schedule matters. Behold the 2013 Big East schedule, all official and everything, at least until the next team abandons ship.

• Tweet of the day. Real talk: This happens to us all the time, mostly when we are wearing Fighting Okra gear.


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