Know before you go; more Designated Reads

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And we're back! Items of interest you may have missed whilst holidaying:

• Start 'em early. The Palm Beach Post's Jason Lieser works to instill a proper reverence for prep work in our nation's youth:

• Roster blotter. And now, a whole bunch of players who are being held out of bowl games for assorted reasons: Stanford's Terrence Stephens (secondary NCAA violation), Oregon's Nick Cody and Axel McQuaw (academics), Minnesota's Andre McDonald (the ever-popular-and-mysterious Violation Of Team Rules), Texas Tech's Cornelius Douglas, Chris Payne and Leon Mackey (VOTR), UCLA's Tevin McDonald (VOTR), Syracuse's Adonis Ameen-Moore and Max Beaulieu (VOTR) and Marquis Spruill and Steven Rene (partial suspensions only) ... Illinois' Akeem Spence has declared for the draft ...  Duron Carter has dropped out of FAU ... Cody Vaz will start at quarterback in the Alamo Bowl ... Oklahoma's Stacy McGee was arrested Monday.

• Coach-hirin' follies. Still no official confirmation on whatever's going to happen at FIU, currently the only coaching vacancy in FBS ball, but another new coordinator for 2013 is locked in: Dave Aranda will follow Gary Andersen to Wisconsin.

• Condolences. Please keep Arizona State's Marion Grice and his family in your thoughts. The Sun Devils will be dedicating their bowl game to the memory of Grice's brother, who was shot and killed in Houston last week.

• Tweets of the day. More strong performance from our favorite postseason Twitter feed:


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