Don't get korporate on us, Kliff; more Designated Reads

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Is this the real Kliff Kingsbury, or an incredible simulation? (AP)

The real Kingsbury, or an incredible simulation? (AP)

• Kliff Kingsbury is on Twitter. His hair does not look artfully tousled. He is wearing a suit and tie, and that tie is not a skinny tie. No v-necks are immediately visible. This may in fact be a wax dummy of Kliff Kingsbury pictured here, which would go a long way toward explaining why it hasn't tweeted yet.

We are now contractually obligated to call him Bear O'Brien for one calendar year.Penn State's head coach has been bestowed with the Bear Bryant College Coach of the Year Award, marking him as the most alliterative winner in the award's history. Congratulations, Bill O'Bryant!

• Coach-hirin' follies! Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinnis leaving to rejoin the Seattle Seahawks; Gators assistant D.J. Durkin has been elevated in his place ... per our express wishes, Clancy Pendergast will replace Monte Kiffin as USC's DC ... Rutgers will reportedly lose offensive coordinator Dave Brock to Delaware ... Rick Smith, who's coached defensive backs at South Florida since 2010, will join Ruffin McNeil's staff at East Carolina as defensive coordinator ... now-former Boston College OC Doug Martin (not, so far as we know, nicknamed "Muscle Hamster") is headed back to New Mexico State in the same capacity.

Roster blotter. Wisconsin quarterback Curt Phillips will Badger on, having been granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA.

• Schedule matters. The Big East has released an updated version of its 2013 schedule, good right up until the next defection from the Big East. (Don't put anything past America's carousel conference. We just got a frantic email from a reader who's seen on a message board that Houston is a lock for the Pac-12.)


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